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Rooted and Remembered

A Story of Love, Faith, and Remembrance

Coming in 2024

Betsy Jane Carruthers masterfully crafted bedtime stories for her grandchildren. Their favourite one just happened to be true.

In 1906, eleven-year-old Ellwyne Dacosta is uprooted from his home along the Hooghly River in Calcutta at the whim of his stepfather, a con artist searching for his next fortune. Neither had heard of Carruthers Corners in Ekfrid Township, Ontario until it was on their horizon.

The Carruthers clan praises God when Ellwyne joins their farm, first as an untried farmhand, then as a dutiful son. Fascinated by the curious buttonwood tree growing in a farm field far away from the riverbank, Ellwyne wonders if he, too, may thrive in rural Canada, so far from where his life began.

The Great War erupts. The Boy, barely a man, volunteers to fight overseas. When mortally wounded by a shell blast, Ellwyne thinks of home one last time. Will he be remembered?

In Ekfrid Township a buttonwood tree grows: Ellwyne’s Tree. In Rooted and Remembered, we gather with the Carruthers family in memory of a lost boy who is forever found.

Meet some of the characters

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