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About CJ Frederick

The power of storytelling should never be underestimated. It's how we learn about ourselves and our communities, our motivations, our fears, and our potential. Although working full-time as a technical writer by day, creative writing has always been a passion for CJ Frederick.

In 2020, facing the uncertainty of pandemic restrictions and lockdowns at home, she began exploring a story about a WWI soldier and his connection to a magnificent buttonwood tree that grows near her childhood home. The idea sprouted from a tiny seed into her first novel, a work of historical fiction based on a true story retold to her by storykeepers who chose to share the tale. 

CJ was raised in a rural farming community in southwestern Ontario where she spent time horseback riding along the gravel roads and exploring trails amongst the towering trees.

She now lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband and her brood of cats, dogs, and horses.

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