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I love a story that makes the jaw drop, one that makes you say, "No way, that can't be real, can it?"

Check out this one:

George Edwards served in the Canadian Forces in WWII, even participating in the #DDay landing at Juno Beach. His service number was A64705.

Imagine his surprise when, 20 years after the war ended, he received his 1966 Ontario license plate with his exact service number on the tag. ALL BY RANDOM COINCIDENCE. Ontario didn't have vanity or personalized license plates in the 1960s. This was so spectacular that a reporter from the local paper came out to write a story on this weird little coincidence.

The best stories are true, and this is one of them. Thank you, George Edwards, for your service. And thank you to your nephew for the fascinating presentation on your time in Europe last night at the Annandale NHS. #CanadaRemembers #LestWeForget

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